Moxy Monitor


The Moxy Monitor allows us to see the athlete's physiology "live" while assessing, training, practicing and during a game. By physiology we mean what is Limiting their Performance.

If they are recovered from prior stress, the optimal pre-game warm up, shift length and recovery time. Plus more...

Moxy is a small, wearable sensor that monitors oxygen levels in the muscles of athletes while they exercise.

Wtih Moxy Monitor you're no longer training blindly (Link)

Breathing is the Limitation in all acyclic sports! Your inability to move sufficient amount of air will cause the brain to go into survival mode and Limit blood flow to the limbs - in hockey this means "Shutting down the legs"

Our Breathing protocol will allow you to last longer, recover quicker with more strength and clarity.

Targeted Breathing training to increase Performance (Idiag website Link)