ITT for Athletes at the Vault


$150/90min. Session

The ultimate for your Health

and Performance

The ITT System

  • Full Assessment

  • Individualized Training Program

  • Track Progress

Package Options

  • 10 sessions for $900 

  • 20 sessions for $1710 

Small Group

$15/60min.  PeeWee

$20/75min.  Bantam

$25/90min.  Midget


The ITT System

Hockey Skills Zone

Box Hockey

Tipping Game

Skill Track

Train with like-minded Athletes

Package Options

  • Minimum 10 sessions 

Contact for pricing

Know what Limits your

Performance - then train ITT

The ITT System

  • Full Assessment

  • Individualized Program

  • Monitor & Track

       Progress Year-Round

Package Options

  • Contact us for Options

ITT for Performance Coaches

Moxy Master ITT


Experiential Learning from the Basic to your Masters

  • 10 Guided Sessions

  • Learn with Brian

  • For all Acyclic Sports

  • Assess 1 Athlete or a Team

  • How long they last

  • How long to Recover

  • Plus more...

SpiroTiger Master ITT

Master the #1 Limitation in all Acyclic Sports

  • 10 Guided Sessions

  • Learn with Brian

  • From Health to Performance

  • Real Core Stability & Strength

  • Longer Shifts and Shorter Recovery Times and so much more

PhD of Experiential Learning

Join our Conversation

  • Experiential Learning 

       with our Group

  • The Shortest route to your PhD in the ITT System

Prerequisite: Moxy & Spiro- Tiger Masters

ITT for Teams

Team (Base) Model

Know your Team's conditioning Level

Time: 3 Days

We assess and provide:

What is Limiting their Performance,

Shift Length and Recovery Time

PRO Model

Team's Conditioning plus in-season Consulting

Time:  Based on situation


The Base Model plus Consulting


Guarantees increased Performance for the Playoffs

Organization Model

Ultimate Investment in your Organization's Success

Provide your players with the Best Opportunity to reach their potential