Breathing - how we train it

If you read the preceding blog and performed the exercises, you know that Breathing is what limits your performance. The question to answer, is how do we train it to last longer and recover quicker, plus more benefits...the most being quality of life.

Quality of Life

Quality of life is based on your health. Think of any time you have felt sick, and how all that really matters is to become healthy again...your bank account, how many goals you scored, does not matter. The most important thing, is to feel well be healthy. This feeling is based on the amount of energy you have. The more energy you have the more alive you feel and you are able to do more physically and mentally. What is lacking is the experiential knowledge and tools. Let us begin with some simple ideas...

Quality of life is based on the amount of energy you have - the amount of energy you have is based on your breathing.

How to gain more energy

The most important thing in your life is Breathing. If you do not believe me, then hold your will let go and breathe. It is the basis of life and the most important thing in your life, so we should look at how you do it - because most people do it inefficiently.

Place one hand on your chest and the other on your belly, fully inhale and exhale, fill the lungs then empty. Pay attention to your inhalations and what hand moves first. The majority of people will move their upper hand, meaning you are upper chest breathers. This is an inefficient way to breathe and limits your health and performance. Watch a baby it and watch - they breathe with their belly or diaphragm. This 'diaphragm' is a very important muscle that has two major functions, it is the main stability muscle and inhalation muscle. When you see a hockey player bent over with stick and hands on knees, his diaphragm is in survival mode and does not care about stability only about inhalation - survival.

Efficient breathing begins with being attentive to 'how you breathe' and practicing to breathe with your diaphragm. The next blog will provide some practices and the next step to a better quality of life and performance.


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