Fun or is Your Choice

Oh, did you think it is a choice, like to go swimming or cut the grass? You want to be a better hockey player, now the choice is am I willing to commit to doing what is required (this is a major decision and in a later blog: how to choose the right trainer), and is it fun or work.

We have discussed what commitment is and once you commit, there are no other options but to do what is required. Now, this mumbo jumbo about 'fun or work' lets shine a flashlight on what we know and see if it makes sense. I touch an object, an iPhone, and there is a chemical/electrical signal sent to my brain and then my brain searches to tell me what I am touching (this is another great blog to discuss). Yes? Ok, I see you standing there, my eyes receive a signal, which is inverted and very small in two separate eyes and oh yeah, it is two dimensional; it takes the signals flips them, puts them together to form a three dimensional real life sized image of you! Wow, and there is a lot more than that simple explanation. So, in both my examples, touching or seeing, where does it happen...or where do you experience it? On the outside or inside...

Why does my O2 drop when I am doing Anaerobic Sprints?

Only and always on the INSIDE!

Everything that happens to you only happens on the inside , so then how can I make cutting the grass fun? That is the question I would ask. I look at each situation (there are no problems...just situations...unless we look/make it a problem...which is not real) as an opportunity to practice being attentive, to sharpen my sword. This is the experiential part, where you do and then you will know. You will know that being in the present is the true reality and it is FUN. That everything happens on the inside only, and if I am being attentive, then I am having fun.

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