Breathing - the mental game

Breathing provides you with life and a tool for ultimate health and performance.

The last post, taught you how your body position affects your breathing and vice versa and if you change your breathing pattern you become a master of your emotions or more accurate, able to respond with intelligence. Now what about the mental game, the so called zone, how does one access or get into the zone?

Richmond Sockeyes 1987 Centennial Cup Winners

You Train ITT. You commit to being attentive (minimum of 48 days).

Let us put our attention on the word commitment to make sure we are on the same page. in life or in various situations, you usually have options; I can turn left or right or I can choose to do something or not. Once you are committed you no longer have the option to miss a workout or are all in. Yes, there are circumstance, but not by choice. So and it is a very big 'SO", to be committed means that what you want is most important because once you commit then the option to miss a day or quit is not there.

My mentor, Juerg and his brilliant son, Andre

I committed to being able listen to my mentor for 4 hours, nonstop even though my head started hurting haha...still working on that. Juerg said "that means I have a brain."

Commit to being attentive is the game. How do we play?

We start at the beginning with something simple - your breath. In fact, you have already begun with the last blog watching your breath every time you feel a negative emotion. Now, here are 3 more opportunities:

  • when using any technology (except for talking) you close your mouth and pay attention to your breathing

  • when walking, close your mouth and pay attention to how you are breathing, especially when climbing stairs or a hill

  • before falling asleep, pay attention to your breath...right until you fall asleep

Experiment or should I say, commit to these for 48 days and you will earn the next level of tools for being be in the zone.


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