The Next Level of Attention

Attention or a better term 'Being Attentive' is a skill that anyone who commits to mastering can be attained...what level is totally dependant on the commitment. Sounds like a Mike Meyers dialogue :)

Where to start, let's begin with our best friend, the one that is always with us and will never leave us, until the day we die - our Breath. If you have been reading the blogs in order you had to know it was coming...but Koz, what about all the pictures of the SpiroTiger and the Moxy? Basics first...or as my dad would say "the house starts with the basement, son" haha how true; so lets begin with the breath and how do we use this tool to sharpen our attention or to be more attentive.

Sharpen, like those samurai videos/movies where the sword is so sharp it cuts a falling hair; that is sharp and that is what we seek for being attentive. With new hockey teams coming into the training facility, after the introductions, I ask them to look at their shoes and how they are placed. Then look at my shoes and how perfectly placed they are...why?

This is a skill and the goal is to be Attentive

Yes, it looks clean and for safety reasons or some athletes will say that to keep me happy, just like their parents at home. Now, this is where the hook comes in (fishing analogy), you do this to sharpen your samurai sword, to sharpen your focus, to get in the zone. The tool is 'to be attentive' and we start with the simple things, like placing your shoes perfectly together in symmetry because you have to pay attention when you place them down and the more you 'pay' attention the closer you are to earning the ability to be in the zone; all the time. What? Yes, all the time, that is the ultimate in life, because when you are attentive you are in the present...not thinking about the future or past, but right here, right now at the top of your game. Whoa that is a lot and maybe a little deep, so back to the basics.

Begin with the little things, placing your shoes, phone and water bottle down and when you pick them up. To master, requires commitment for the next 48 days. Back to your best friend, your breath, pay attention to your breath when you do 3 things:

  • when using any technology (except for talking) you close your mouth and pay attention to your breathing

  • when walking, close your mouth and pay attention to how you are breathing, especially when climbing stairs or a hill

  • before falling asleep, pay attention to your breath...right until you fall asleep

Remember these 3 from the last blog...

It only works if you do the work; make it a challenge, a game and it is instantly fun.

This is the next topic we 'play with - fun or work it is your choice...your reality'

that sounds deep...remember, I am an ex-hockey player, it will be simple not deep :)


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