Breathing - the mental game

Breathing provides you with life and a tool for ultimate health and performance. The last post, taught you how your body position affects your breathing and vice versa and if you change your breathing pattern you become a master of your emotions or more accurate, able to respond with intelligence. Now what about the mental game, the so called zone, how does one access or get into the zone? You Train ITT. You commit to being attentive (minimum of 48 days). Let us put our atten

Breathing - how we train it

If you read the preceding blog and performed the exercises, you know that Breathing is what limits your performance. The question to answer, is how do we train it to last longer and recover quicker, plus more benefits...the most being quality of life. Quality of Life Quality of life is based on your health. Think of any time you have felt sick, and how all that really matters is to become healthy again...your bank account, how many goals you scored, does not matter. The most